• The Machining Centres with Turning and Boring Capability

  • Our integrated turning heads have 'U' axis control to vary the turning diameter as the tool moves around the workpiece.

  • Facing ! Contour Boring ! Threading ! and virtually any turning operation together with all normal machining centre functions.

  • All those irregular unbalanced workpieces can now be fully machined in a static situation !

  • Turn and thread at almost any position, using standard tooling only !

  • We turn any diameter at any position up to an amazing 3000 mm without rotating the workpiece.

  • A vast array of accessories enables us to machine in difficult and unusual places all within the automatic cycle.

Turn-Cut Solutions

We provide the complete 'Turn Key Solution' including all fixturing and tooling !

Turn-Cut Processes

Facing, contour turning and boring, threading, back turning and boring, with all normal machining centre functions.

Turn-Cut Videos